Friday, August 21, 2009

Sporadic Summer Images II

The summer is slowly fading into fall and as my fickle summer is about to end, I am at good point with my work before the madness of going back to class, DU's student paper, a independent study of DU's hockey or basketball team, and covering the Colorado Avalanche for Inside Hockey.

Keeping up with shooting in the last month has put me in a good point because of the variety of things from lightpainting to HDR to automotive shoots that I have been shooting. Lightpainting has always fascinated me as I continue to dabble with like the first image of the Brush Livestock of Colorado. Along with the lightpainting I also started to play with HDR. Even though I have never been the biggest fan of HDR but when the first light of the day hit my room after a long night of designing my new site I couldn't resist going up to the ninth floor of my building to shoot the Republic building.

Besides HRR and the lightpainting, I was able to shoot my friend's 2005 GTO for Rocky Mountain GTO clubs calender for the second time which is always a fun challenge since I don't get to photograph cars very often.

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