Friday, March 27, 2009

Update from Minnesota

Greetings from Minnesota... I am in Minneapolis for the West Regional of the D-I hockey tournament... I haven't been updating very much but I have been busy and seem to be traveling every other weekend. The first photo is a candid of my grandparents in Florida from last week. I went down to help them out during my week off from school. Both are survivors of the Holocaust (grandfather 95) and (grandmother 84) still live on their own. The second photo is a picture of the tower at the Richie Center during a lacrosse game I was covering. Last but not least is a photo I took for a restaurant review. The restaurant is a sushi place called Sushi Den right near the university. I was given to courses to take photos of (an assortment of sushi pictured) and then was able to photograph the dining area.

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