Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After having a blog for almost a year

I hardly ever use it actually let me correct that I never used it except for a web design class where I had to redesign a site that was already coded. I already had my own website that I designed and I didn't really want a blog even though I know why its a good way to market yourself, be able to show your process with your work, ect, ect, ect. Well now that I am consistently shooting I am now going to start posting.

So to start with a little bit about myself I will say what I put for an artist bio that I needed to submit for a gallery: Being a student getting my BA degree with an emphasis in photography, I try to photograph as much as I can in every median within photography from landscape to fashion to documentary photography and everything in between. As long as I can communicate what I see around me with the goal of sparking emotion in my viewer I feel that my photography is successful. In a time when anything can be manipulated, photography should be the one thing that can show truth and beauty in things around us and give us a better understanding of place and time. For me my camera is my pen. I also am shooting for Denver University's student run newspaper. So with that I will throw a couple of shoots I got covering the DU Mens Basketball Game vs. Western Kentucky.

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